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Our loan officers benefit from a team of real estate agents that are sold on the Motto way

Focus On What Matters

Since you don't have to lead generate, you can focus on what you do best; pre-qualifying clients and originating loans.

What's Motto?

Motto Mortgage is an innovative brokerage franchisor, backed by our parent company, the biggest name in real estate in the world, RE/MAX LLC.

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Who We Are

Motto Mortgage Complete is Houston's 2nd Motto franchise and led by the owners of RE/MAX Real Estate Associates, a $100 million per year brokerage.

Products You Want to Sell

Since we're a Mortgage Broker, you're not bound to only one lender's products you'll have access to a variety of loan programs and lenders.

Clients love our low rates and they'll love working with you and your options.

We use technology to bring the whole process online and lower our costs. Then we pass our savings on to the client. Plus, our transparent pricing means giving less bad news to clients.

Be confident in your ability to find the perfect loan for every client.

Through our wholesale vendor partners, you'll have a personal account rep to help you navigate to find the best loan program for each client.

Cutting edge technology backing you up.

We're big into using technology to optimize every step of the loan process to make for a better experience for you and your clients.

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When you're a Loan Consultant (what we call Loan Officers) with Motto Mortgage Complete, we make it our mission to make you look good.

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Be a part of the #MottoMovement and join the next mortgage company to disrupt the industry, backed by RE/MAX.

Commonly Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions LOs have asked us.

Why Motto Mortgage?

Motto Mortgage offices offer loan originators tools, resources, and proximity to a real estate brokerage and its agents. Homebuyers are able to work with a real estate agent to find a home and with a Motto Mortgage loan originator to secure financing in offices at one location.

Additionally, Motto Mortgage loan originators have access to quality loan options and are not bound to the products of one specific lender.

What lenders and products do Motto Mortgage LOs have access to?

Motto Mortgage LOs work with a select group of wholesale lenders that offer a broad mix of products covering most states. The product mix currently includes conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, jumbo, fixed-rate and ARM loans and, more specifically, non-warrantable condos, condotels, 203k, foreign nationals and several grants and/or homebuyer assistance programs. Rates are live and posted on each wholesaler’s website.

Each lender has a pricing tool so the LO can input the loan parameters and receive a rate quote on current pricing.

What loan origination software (LOS) do Motto Mortgage LOs use?

Motto Mortgage LOs use Encompass360 from Ellie Mae.

What is the value for a loan originator to work for a Motto Mortgage?

The proximity and synergy between real estate agents and loan originators is beneficial for clients, LOs and real estate agents. By having office space within or close to a real estate office, LOs gain greater accessibility to real estate agents and the potential business of their clients. Real estate offices thrive off of office and individual promotion techniques.

When offices implement client prospecting, outreach and retention activities commonly associated with real estate, LOs can more readily expand their current and existing client base.

What are 3rd party contract processors?

Contract processors are licensed processors who provide value in the following ways:

  1. Execute administrative functions during the life of the loan application, allowing an LO to devote more time to client prospecting and retention activities.
  2. Provide support and assistance to LOs newer to the industry.
  3. Understand and navigate the variation in process between wholesale lenders.
  4. Keep loans moving.

A select group of third-party contract processing companies has been identified for franchisees to vet individually for fit and value. However, an office may choose to perform contract processing tasks in-house. Offices with high volumes are more likely to find that option attractive.

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