Our partnership programs are designed to improve the client experience and strengthen the business of the partners involved.

1. Preferred Lender

The starting point for a truly productive relationship, Preferred Lender status is a great way for Realtors and Builders to partner with Motto Mortgage Complete.

With preferred lender status a full team, 100% committed to your organization, is created and comes with the entire breadth of resources at MMC. Our focus is on Customer Experience with the goal of creating consumer advocates - those who will repeat and refer business with us and our partners.

Our Customer Experience is constantly improving, and is one that you and your customers will truly appreciate.

If consistent, predictable results and services are what you’re looking for, then this is what you want. We conduct periodic reviews and audits of our partnerships to ensure they remain CFPB and RESPA compliant.

Close collaboration on goals and objectives creates a true partnership that ensures success for both partners.

Already have a preferred lender? Add another. Competition drives quality, period. We welcome competition and feel that when the customer has more top tier choices, everyone wins.

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2. Offer Your Employees Down-Payment Assistance

We offer an innovative opportunity for employers and businesses of all kinds to offer their workforce first-time homebuyer down-payment assistance programs.

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3. Joint Venture (JV)

The ultimate in partnerships, Joint Ventures aren’t available to most organizations, they require minimum volumes to work, but for those select organizations that meet the criteria, this can be of the best situations to be in.

CFPB and RESPA compliant, our Joint Ventures provide a gateway into the mortgage business. Our partners have consistent and substantial customer volume, and we have the organization, financial relationships and infrastructure to make JVs successful.

Our JVs are true partnerships. Shared investment, risks, and rewards.

For those who qualify, JVs represent the most business sound option for benefiting from your client base. Motto Mortgage Complete does all the heavy lifting, but the success is shared with our partners.

Curious how we do it and if you qualify? Take the next step and reach out to us today, you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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